New Beginnings

As I close a journey in blogging world, mixed emotions took over me. The memories of starting a new blog without having knowledge in it, how much I tried to update each and every day even if it wasn't necessary and the posts I had as a newbie. But as I closed that journey, I opened another one and that's the reason I am here with you, guys. 

Many of you may be asking me why I decided to start a new blog and leave my old blog behind me. I guess it's not important to state the reason anymore because what matters is I'm here again and I came back. Despite all the laziness in between, I always keep coming back because this is what I love and I am doing it because I love it.

With love A, is now a part of my journey as a blogger. New memories, captured moments, outfit posts and lessons learned will be posted here and will be shared with you. If my previous blog was all about posts of this girl who had no idea on what to post, rest assured that this one will be a better one. From that 13 year old girl who cared about how to make her outfits perfect and tried to fit in in this world, I am now the 14 year old girl who is more empowered and isn't afraid to show her style to the whole world. 

As I open this new journey, I am hoping that you will still be with me like my previous blog. You, my dear readers, helped me grow not just on being a girl but as a person and as an individual who has this main goal- to inspire people and girls like me through this little online diary of mine. 

<3, A

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