From Yellow To Blue

Ever wonder why I named this post "From Yellow to Blue"? From sophomore year in which yellow is the year color, I'll be experiencing another transition to junior year in which blue is the year color. If there is this so-called year-ender post, I am also doing this when classes are about to start. If you have been with me since my first blog (I promise this would be the last time I'll mention this, hopefully *fingers crossed*), I published a similar post to this. 

Sophomore year was the year wherein I started to go out from my shell and open my heart to new chances, which I can safely say is the year wherein I bloomed. In this blog post, I'll be sharing to you the 4 lessons I learned in sophomore year with pictures in it so you won't be bored reading words only. 

1. Open my heart to opportunities. Last February, in line with the English Month Celebration, I was given the chance to be a part of the group to represent our class for the  chamber theater category. With the help of our English Teacher, we were guided on what to do and that served as our inspiration to give our best to what we are doing. 

2. Keep old friends. I found friends who were a great support system and helped me reach my fullest potentials. Despite the fact that I meet people and call them my friends, I always made sure to treasure my old friends since elementary and freshmen year. We may be in different sections but we always made sure to catch up and spend time with each other. I just love the idea how we're still comfortable when we see each other and it seemed like being in different sections never happened to us. 

3. Never be afraid to make new friends. One thing about High School that amazes me is the fact that you make new friends easily. People are so diverse and they're easy to deal with. I became friends with the people I'd never though I'd be friends with. They were with me through every step of the way. 

4. Be strong for myself. I'm not gonna lie to you, Sophomore Year wasn't an easy year for me. There were times wherein I felt like giving up and stop doing what I love but then I remembered why I started and why I did those things in the first place. After all those "not so good" experiences, I learned that you have to be strong for yourself and you'll get over those bad experiences. As one quote says, "God gives His battles to His strongest soldiers." To make the story short, everything happens for a reason.

High School is one roller coaster and times of ups and downs are normal. With the right amount of confidence in you, there's nothing you can't conquer *winks*. I hope you learned something and I hope I won't go MISSING IN ACTION AGAIN. Till next time! 

<3, Allaine Madisonne

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