Claire's 15th.

I decided to include this here in my blog because this day was very special for us, group of friends, and most especially to the birthday celebrant, Claire.

If you know me personally or even encounter some of my posts on social media, then it must have given you a hint already on how long we've been friends.
She celebrated her birthday last Thursday, August 11, 2016. My other friends and I had plans on what to do on her day as a surprise and it was a success. Yay!
We decided to visit our Grade 6 Class Adviser because that was the time where everything started. Despite being occupied in school, we still managed to make time to visit her.
My girls since 2013 <3 Claire turning fifteen means I'm almost turning fifteen. Her birthday falls exactly a month before mine *winks*

I won't be posting all the photos here because I'm saving the shots for something and I'll just let the photos speak. Till next time!

<3, Allaine Madisonne

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