5 Reasons Why Your Bestie Is Amazing

Seldom you can find a person who can be of different kinds - human diary, photographer, advice giver, partner in crime and most especially, a sister from another mother rolled into one. I decided to come up with this post because I have been posting a lot about outfits, OOTDS and the like, only to remember that this is a fashion and lifestyle blog.

There are multiple reasons why my best friend is amazing and I spiced everything up, to come up with 5. And here they are:
1. She embraces me and my imperfections with open arms. To tell you honestly, I am a moody person. This situations gets worse especially when my nerves are playing on me when I am on my PMS. I keep on complaining on everything, and get mad even on the smallest things and yet she's always by my side, listening to my nonstop rants and still loves me for who I am. 

2. She can be your sister, partner in crime, best buddy - all rolled into one. In my situation, I have a sister but having a best friend is really something different. Most especially when you're on the same level. You can relate with each other's experiences, share new discoveries and learning (since we don't belong on the same class.) Aside from the mentioned ones, you also have someone to ask if you don't understand the lesson discussed! :p 

3. You have your own photographer, and it doesn't come with a price. In my case, I need someone to take a picture of me, especially with all the outfits, angles and instagrammable photos in the world. But there is nothing to worry, since the both of us share the same interests. (If you don't mind, visit her blog! Click this link and it will lead you to her blog *winks) 

4. Someone is ready to procrastinate with you. When both of you allows laziness to take over you, and you both prefer to tweet, post and go online the whole day. Or when everything goes right, someone reminds you accomplish all the work you need to do because you are holding on to your future plans. 
5. You have someone to be with you always, until the end of time. Through thick and thin, someone is always by your side. To all the #ootd plans, playlists, dream destinations and plans for the future that is coming, CHEERS! 
My best friend is a great foundation of love, support and most of all, bestows the right amount of confidence in me. If you don't have this kind of friend, you can be this type of friend! Anyone would love to have one. 

I have a lot of ideas in mind (and this isn't the first time I mentioned this) thus, I'm trying my best to slowly post them here from time to time. Stay tuned! 

<3, Allaine Madisonne

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