Dear 23 Year Old Allaine

by - 11:32:00 PM

If given the chance to see my 23-year old self, what would I tell her? 

I am writing this to you from 8 years in the future because I want to tell you that you will be an amazing woman and you'll be proud of the woman that you'll become. Everything that you wanted to do, you'll start doing them. From that naive girl to this worldly girl who is aware of what is happening around her. You will become a woman of strong moral values. 

Relax, take a breath and enjoy your life. You're 23, now an adult and being an adult means you hold responsibilities - A LOT OF THEM. Do the things you want and seize every moment. Live an independent life and decide for yourself but don't forget to ask guidance from your parents because after all, they know what's best for you. Even if you'll keep life going, don't break their trust for you.

Get out from your comfort zone and live life. This is what you wanted, remember? Be that woman who doesn't need a man to know her worth. You once told your 14-year old self that you are a whole on your own so instill that in your mind always. You'll visit places, meet new faces and have new friends but always remind yourself to NEVER EVER get attached. You'll find love in different places you'll visit and you'll treasure them there, in your heart, always. You'll discover and find yourself from all walks of life. At this age, you're doing what you love: travel & go to places, meet your favorite artists and indulge yourself with all the comfort in the world. Let your heart decide but don't forget to bring your mind with you because after all MIND OVER HEART, always remember that.

It's alright to be tired and think of giving up sometimes but don't tolerate that feeling. Please don't let your thoughts of regret haunt you at 2 AM just because you're stressed. Don't you even dare ask yourself "What am I doing with my life?" because you don't regret anything. You planned everything.

You once imagined the things you're doing now while typing this message for you. Spending time with your family is what makes you happy as of the moment because times of trial will always reveal that family is always first. You'll spend time with your friends, recall your High School memories and your epic heartbreaks, talk on how life has been and exchange laughter and tears.

Your life will be full of surprises, up and downs but they're normal - they're part of growing up. The lessons you learned from the past will now be applied to your present life and everything will turn out perfectly fine. The least expected things will happen at the least expected time. Happiness will come your way.

And when the time is right, love will come to you. Not now, not in a few years but SOON, at the perfect time. As what I said, you're life will be full of surprises so just sit down and continue writing your life story & continue discovering yourself. Through that person, you'll know the reason why it didn't work with anyone else *winks* You'll visit your dream travel destinations together, eat, eat and eat and take pictures together. 

Looking back to the 15-year old you who wrote this 8 years ago, you'll realize on how much things has changed. Just be yourself, do what you love and don't forget to pour love to what you're doing. Take good care of yourself & enjoy!

Lots of love,
15 year old you. 

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