I'm Back

by - 10:31:00 PM

Giggling as I type words for this post. After a month and how many days of not posting anything here, I'm finally back! I still have 4 days to face projects, deadlines, etc. before I officially enjoy the vacation. 

In my 1 year and a half of blogging, you seldom see me wear jeans. I don't know why, is it because I'm more of a skirts-sweat pants-and-culottes type of girl (?) But for this outfit, I opted for a maroon knitted long sleeve top paired with white ripped jeans, paired with my favorite sneakers, adidas stan smith.  
You might notice that this is also the first time I'm wearing two necklace at the same time and yes, what you're seeing is right. This is the first time I'm doing this and I got this inspiration from one of my fashion icons, Nadine Lustre. She doesn't follow the trend because she is the new trendsetter (wait, do I obviously sound like a JaDine fan? HAHA)
I already have a lot of pending posts and all I need are photos in order for me to officially publish them here. I will be back after a few days, I swear. Till my next post! :) 

With Love,

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