In Denim Jackets

After promising to be back after a couple of days, I am here. It's about time I don't break promises since I always tell you that more blog posts are coming, but I failed to do so. First semester has finally come to an end. Talk about not thinking of anything school-related, sleeping and waking up anytime you like, going to places and discovering new adventures. Who wouldn't love that?

For this outfit, I opted to pair a white knitted sleeveless to a denim jacket since I had to deal with an air-conditioned place the whole time. (For those who doesn't know, this is what I wore during JaDine's concert here in Cebu.)

White knitted sleeveless + black shorts + denim jacket + white Adidas Stan Smith - the outfit turned out perfectly. I felt nothing but comfort the whole time.

Since I have a couple of days to blog, I have all the time to shoot for a new blog post, share them here and the cycle keeps repeating. I promise that I won't fail you this time and I'll update here as much as I can.

With Love,

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