Why Sirao Flower Farm Is A Must Visit

For a flower enthusiast like me, a place like Sirao Flower Farm is a must-visit. Labeled as the Little Amsterdam, I did nothing but take pictures the whole time we were there. Aside from the perfect flowers, the odds were in our favor because our visit there was not a disaster because the weather was warm & gloomy, making it perfect for photos.

So here are 5 reasons on why you should add Sirao Flower Farm to your must-visit places! :)

1. The planted flowers will make you appreciate nature even more. Sometimes we tend to forget to appreciate what is around us and sometimes take them for granted. The flowers are purely fresh, planted by the people themselves. If you take a look at it, you will realize its undying beauty. 

2. It's the best place to unwind. Feeling like in Baguio City, Tagaytay City and Amsterdam, Netherlands all at once, you can think, reflect and do everything that you want within the place. It was a much-needed getaway for me and my partner in crime Cielo (talk about dealing with projects the whole time before sembreak started). 

3. Everything is picturesque. If you are instagram-OC like me, then there is a need for you to visit this place. You won't regret anything!

4. You get to see new destinations. One of the reasons why I love going to adventures is that you also get the chance to see new places, research about them and visit them anytime soon. Another adventure means new set of pictures and new memories to keep. 

5. You have new memories to keep with you, forever. Enough said. No explanation needed :)

Happy that I am finally making time for all of you. Wait, there's more! *winks*

With Love,

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