5 Things That Are Currently Making Me Happy

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I'm taking all the time in the world to blog since I have ample time left. I already have listed blog post ideas for all of you and all that I need are photos in order for me to publish them.

So I thought of publishing this blog post in a different way, when it comes to the content. Thanks to the Enciso sisters, they gave me an idea that this kind of post is actually possible (they were the first one to come up with this!) And since my posts are too personal already, why not add this one too?

God has been so good to me these past few days and I guess this is one way of thanking Him through publishing it in my blog :) So here are the five things that are currently making me happy!
1. Checked two places in my bucket list already. This is a mission accomplish for me since I am the type of girl that once I put something in my bucket list, I am willing to do it in any way possible :) If you want to know what these places are, well, it's Sirao Flower Farm and Temple of Leah (as seen on the photos I use for this post).

2. I'm on my third blogpost already. Just like what I said, I already have a list of blogpost ideas that you will be reading here soon :) Hooray!
Feeling Juliet in this Juliet-like balcony. Anyone who has seen Romeo and Juliet can relate! :p

3. No class means more time to bond with family and friends. My family and I gets the chance to see each other often since we are busy attending to our priorities and life keeps happening. I am happy that we have a lot of time to bond with each other this semestral break since there is no school. When it comes to boding with friends this semestral break, it is a lot different when you bond inside the school and outside the school. No need to think of anything school-related! 

4. Almost done with my lacking articles for the school magazine. As an active member of the publication in the university where I am currently studying, I also have my duties and I must accomplish them in any way possible :) 
5. I'm restarting my feed on instagram - AGAIN. I don't know why it makes me happy that I am currently rebuilding my instagram feed since I am more sure when it comes to the things that I like and what really suits my interest. It has been a while that I have deleted photos that is not appropriate to my desired theme. 

Starting now, this will become a routine of mine in order for you to keep track on what is currently happening in my life and to somehow keep in touch to you, my readers. 

<3, Allaine Madisonne

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