Holidays With Pop District Bazaar

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Ended my weekend right by attending the third leg of Pop District Bazaar for 2016 held at Oakridge Pavilion, Oakridge Business Park, A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu. To make the story short, Pop District Bazaar is a two-day event where your favorite online shops gather as one, a chance to meet, greet and take a photo of your favorite local bloggers. enjoy eating with a lot of food stalls to choose from and to simply discover Cebu through one big bazaar.

I made sure to grab the opportunity to join this year since I missed the last three bazaars. The venue was perfect, and everyone was so nice and approachable. Although I wasn't familiar of the other bloggers present, but the odds decided to be in my favor because I met two of my favorite local bloggers - Etienne Chantal and Cha Ocampo. There were a lot of online shops present and all you had to do was visit each one and purchase because shopping has been made easier.

Overall, the experience was awesome! I can't wait for the next leg of PDB and meet & greet some of my favorite bloggers. Congratulations to the people behind Pop District Bazaar, it was a success!

I'm not keeping this any longer because as of the moment, I'm having writer's block and as much as possible, I'm trying to let ideas come out of my head so you guys won't get bored reading this post. Till my next post!

x, Allaine Madisonne

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