My Christmas Wishlist

It's the time of the year again wherein year-ender posts start to come alive for bloggers like me. 2016 in a nutshell is a year wherein experiences and lessons encountered helped me to become the person that I am today. But of course, I'm saving everything for my upcoming year-ender post which is now on process! 

We are now on the month of December and Christmas is just around the corner. It's the time of the year where kids who sings Christmas carols from house to house, Christmas songs in shopping malls and Christmas decorations come alive. And it's true what people say that as you grow, your Christmas wishlist changes. Human as we are, we still have our wishlists and we can't avoid them. I decided to have this post here because aside from adding up to the number of blog posts here for this year, I simply just want to share it with you.
1. More time with my family. And when I say family, it includes extended family. We have started parting ways and I just hate how I took the time we had together way back then for granted. But despite everything else, our bond remains to be tight and grounded.
2. More adventures with friends. I have been blessed by the Omnipotent with such amazing friends and I could not afford to ask for more. We may not be able to see each other all the time because we are all busy attending to our priorities (aka school works) but once we see each other, the bond never changes.

3. For time to slow down sometimes. 2016 has gone by very fast and I could not help but wish that if we only have the power to turn back time, I would not hesitate to do it! While we are having fun, we fail to realize that time is flying that fast too.
4. The urge to blog once in a while. There are times wherein weekends are not much occupied with school works thus I don't need much time to accomplish them. Instead of blogging, I end up doing nothing which leads to being lazy which is kinda sad. Once in a while, I want to be productive and one way of doing it is by blogging.

5. For me to appreciate what I have around me EVEN MORE. We sometimes forget to appreciate what we have around us, even the smallest things because we are busy dealing with the bigger ones. This is one of the lessons I have learned this year because you might wake up one day and realize they are gone.
6. Make the rest of 2016 fruitful and productive. This year, I have been given a lot of opportunities and I can't wait to share them with you! Another year is about to come to an end and who wouldn't want it to be worth remembering?

7. Expand my bookshelf. Living the life of a bibliophile, I still want to own many books as possible. I already have a lot of books but you can't blame me if I still ask for more. Books are beautiful, the only thing that makes it ugly is the price :( HAHA
and lastly,
8. A way for me to repay all of you. THANK YOU, for increasing the number of my blog views from time to time. Sometimes I even wonder if people are still reading my blog and surprisingly, yes you still are. Thank you! *sends virtual hug*
As we celebrate the most beautiful time of the year, I hope we still put in mind the real reason why we are celebrating Christmas. It's not about the amount of gifts we receive but it is about remembering the birth of Jesus, our Savior.

Few weeks left for school before Christmas Break comes in. I have a lot of upcoming blog posts for all of you and I promise not to fail you this time. 

<3, Allaine Madisonne

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