The Girls I Share The Same Passion With

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Been a while since I last had an outfit post here so I'm giving you one since I missed it too. It's such a relief when you have friends that you share the same passion with - or in short, friends who blog like you do. If you know me personally, you know how long I've been friends with Claire ((and for those who doesn't know, we've been friends since elementary)). On the other hand, if we go on the same school, you would know how Cielo and I get together almost everyday, like our souls are connected (LOL).

I decided to come up with this blog post to somehow suffice my lack here and I've been wanting to increase the amount of blog posts too. This time, I'm thinking of doing this blog post differently. This is going to be a #BloggerProblems kind of blog post so you would somehow have a glimpse on what is it like to be a not-so-legit blogger (not so legit because we haven't taken this seriously yet and we're not like those successful bloggers but hopefully, we will be like them soon!) 

Not taking things long so let's get started?
1. You need to get used to people teasing you as "the blogger". And yes, that is right. But being a blogger for almost 2 years already, I have embraced it because that is what I really am. Besides, it feels so heartwarming because people know what you are up to and sometimes shower you with compliments and acknowledgements in what you are doing. Thank you! :)

2. We sometimes experience writer's block which makes it hard for us to produce quality blog post sometimes. If you read the post I published yesterday, you would see on the last part that I am suffering with writer's block but good thing it is gone now :) There are days wherein a lot of things are inside our head and days where our minds are completely blank. Anyone feel us? 

3. Thinking on what would be the topic on our next post. It's hard to think of creative ways on how to present your next post so your readers won't get bored. But luckily, there are some days wherein we are filled with tons of ideas :)

4. TIME. We're still students and school is our number one priority as of the moment. Some days we lack time and some days we also have a lot of time, but we feel too lazy to think of a topic and publish it. Luckily, I am fortunate enough to have amazing blog readers that everytime I publish a new post, the blog views increase immediately. *sends virtual hug*
(from left to right - Claire, our good friend Noreen, Cielo and yours truly)

5. A place to shoot for the next blog post. Blogger equations include camera + OOTD + shoot place. If we don't find the "perfect" place to shoot, we end up not having a photo of our OOTDs which leads to no new blog posts.
I hope you don't find anything wrong with me posting a blog post like this because I am still on my almost 2 years of blogging and that doesn't make me an experienced blogger already. But nevertheless, I hope you learned a thing or two and think of starting your own blogs anytime soon :) Before I forget, feel free to visit the blogs of Cielo and Claire here:

I have a lot of ideas in mind and I can't wait to share it with you soon! I am also working on my year-ender post and a lot of soon-to-be-published blog posts. What do you want me to post here? Feel free to suggest by leaving a comment on the comment section below. Till my next post!

x, Allaine Madisonne

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