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Another beautiful year has passed, a year filled with new experiences, new lessons and new memories to treasure. It may sound so cliché already but it's about time we start over again— list down our resolutions for the new year that is coming, our bucket lists in which we hope we will accomplish by the end of the year and our preparations as we open another year. 

Each one of us has our own way of welcoming the year and I'm optimistic enough that this year will be filled with productivity, new memories and more self-love. So in line with that, I came up with a list on how one can make 2017 a year filled with fulfillment of desires and aspirations. This year is another opportunity to start fresh so let's give this day a fresh start!
1. Give closure to 2016. This should always come first in every list. I know each one us had bad experiences but those helped us in shaping the person that we are now. Embrace the person that you were way back then because you can always change for the better. Life trials came your way but treasure with you the lessons you learned because it will be a very big help in making yourself better and stronger.

2. Start fresh. Just like what I stated, this is another opportunity to start— start doing the things that you love (because it is important to follow the desires of your heart, they said), start living peacefully and start all over again. 
3. Invest on a planner. This may not be applicable to all but for a person like me who loves to keep track on dates and things, you might need one as well. Sometimes we tend to forget things which is sad. Investing on a planner helps you in remembering important events and in that way, everything will flow smoothly because things are organized.

4. Read. By doing this, you don't gather information only but you can also improve your vocabulary by learning new words. Increase your knowledge and never stop learning.

5. Explore more. There are a lot of beautiful things around us. Only that, we fail to appreciate them. Don't allow yourself to be stuck in that same place forever. Explore, discover, capture them and keep new memories. By exploring, you can also give yourself an opportunity to try new things.
6. Embrace your individuality. We are all unique and different and that doesn't make one less of a person. As what they say, if you have accepted your flaws already, no one can use them against you. No one is born to be perfect and that makes life fair. We commit mistakes but as what I've stated on the first way, you can always change for the better. Keep on improving because there is nothing wrong with that.

7. List down things. I don't know why some are lazy enough to do this now but there is beauty and art in writing (you might be thinking that I'm saying this because I'm a writer but no). In this manner, you can also remember things easily.

8. Forgive and forget. How can you move forward to the next chapter of your life if you keep on looking back? Leave the bad memories behind because we are all entitled to make new memories with the people we love. On the other hand, you don't carry hatred inside you as you continue unfolding the journey life prepared for you.
9. Pray. This is the most important way on how you prepare yourself for the new year. Ask guidance from Him and that in everything that we do, He may be glorified.

10. Go out of your comfort zone. You wouldn't be able to know what are the things that you are capable of if you don't come out of your shell. Remember, "If it scares you then it might be a good thing to try."
11. Remove the toxic people in your life. Not everyone we know has the capability of bringing something good to us. Don't be afraid to do so because it only means that you want to keep your heart and your life at peace. 
and lastly,
12. Love yourself even more. This may sound a bit too "selfish" for you but you can not give love to other people if you don't even love yourself in the first place. Sometimes, we have to prioritize ourselves too. Allow yourself to experience what you really desire in life - solitude, peace, serenity, etc. I promise, it will give you satisfaction after.
So that's it for my first post for 2017. Another 365 days is even to us - another chance to grow, learn and appreciate what we have around us. Also, give yourself time to think. Reflect on things and make decisions in the right manner.

This year is another journey for With Love, A because another year has arrived. And in line with that, I am almost on my 2nd year of being a blogger! I can't wait to share more ideas with you and shoot for photos that I will be using here. Wishing everyone a fruitful and productive year ahead!

Till next time,
Allaine Madisonne

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