Embroidered Patches

After promising a new blog post for how many times, I feel so happy that the "blog post" that I have been referring to is finally here. Pardon me for breaking my promises because there are times that I would allow laziness to take over me.

Clothes with embroidered patches is officially part of the new trend and I can't help but join (since I am someone who loves going with the trend and, not to mention my love for flowers). There are different kinds of embroidered patches but I personally chose the rose patch because simply, it's something that I like. 
I have two clothes with an embroidered patch and this is the first one that I am showing you. I decided to pair it with jeans because it's too short to make it a dress. To complete the outfit, I paired it with my favorite sneakers and of course, a sling bag.

You can find different embroidered outfit inspirations on Instagram and above all, on Pinterest. Why not give it a try? There is nothing wrong with joining the trend. *winks*
Sad to say that we are down to the last Sunday for the month of May- which simply means, classes are about to start. But hey, there are still a few weeks left to have your best "last of summer". Seize every moment and allow yourself to have fun. Till my next blog post! :)

<3, Allaine Madisonne

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